The Difference Between Save and Save As

People are always asking, "What is the difference between Save and Save As?" The first time you save there is not a difference between selecting File, Save or File, Save As. You will be asked to give a storage location (i.e. floppy disk, server, or hard drive) for the file and a filename, no matter which of the two selections you make. The difference between the two commands comes about on your subsequent saving of the file. If you are saving a file and want it to have the same name and same storage location then you would select File, Save. This saves the file without giving you an option to change the name or storage location. If you have made changes to the file and would like to either give it a new filename or storage location then you must select File, Save As which will give you the dialog box which allows you to change either the name or location. Using the File, Save As, is one way to make backups of your files. For instance, let's say the default location for saving your information is on the hard drive but you like to keep a floppy disk back up of important information. You would first save the file like you normally do on the hard drive and then select File, Save As, and where it says File Location you would select the 31/2" floppy disk.