Internet Lesson Plan 


Teacher Name, Site      Nancy Byrd       Keeling Elementary                 

Date                               March 3, 2001

Grade Level                   4

Title of Lesson               Spanish Explorers

                               Spanish Explorers Come to Arizona

Track Star



          Arizona State Social Studies:

Students know and are able to do the following:

        1SS-E1. Understand and apply the basic tools of historical                     research, including chronology and how to collect, interpret, and employ information from historical materials.                           

                    PO 1. Place key events on a timeline and apply chronological

                                       terms correctly, including B.C.E. (B.C.), C.E. (A.D.),   

                             decade, century, and generation

                    PO 2. Identify primary and secondary sources historians use to

                             construct an understanding of the past, using such sources

                    as letters, diaries, newspaper articles, archaeological

                                       evidence, maps, and government records

                    PO 3. Interpret historical data in the form of simple graphs and


1SS-E3. Describe Spanish and Mexican colonization and economic, social, and political interactions with the first inhabitants of Arizona, with emphasis on:                  

                    PO 2. the reasons for the early Spanish explorations, including

                             those of Fray Marcos de Niza, Estevan, and Francisco

                             Vásquez de Coronado

3SS-E1. Demonstrate understanding of the physical and human

                             features that define places and regions in Arizona,

                              including the use of geographic tools to collect, analyze,

                             and interpret data, with emphasis on:

                    PO 1. identifying Arizona as part of the Southwestern region

                             of the United States                   

                    PO 4. the location and description of the important physical

features in each landform region, including the Grand                 Canyon,  Colorado River, and Mogollon Rim



Arizona State Technology:

1T-E2. Demonstrate increasingly sophisticated operation of  technology component

5T-E1. Locate information from electronic resources



·        Academic:

After completing this Track Star Lesson the students will be able to:

·        Identify Marcos do Niza, Francisco Coronado, and Estaban the Moor

·        Infer reasons for the Spanish exploration of what is now the Southwestern part of the United States

·        Tell what the Seven Cities of Gold were thought to be and theorize what they could have been

·        Recognize a famous failing that led to something else

·        Read and interpret a time line

·        Create a time line


·        Technological:

After completing this Track Star Lesson the students will be able to:

·        Locate a Track Star Lesson from the teachers home page, the school home page, Track Star, or by using the URL

·        Locate information from electronic resources

·        Use appropriate methods to travel through the lesson


Pre-Requisite Technology Skills

·        Knowledge of the Back button

·        Basic moving and typing skills



·        Computer        

·        Internet access

·        Paper and pencil

·        Ruler

·        Map of Arizona and the Southwest (optional)



          Review with the students the procedures for how to access a Track Star lesson on the Internet. Proceed through the URL for Track Star, the Keeling home page, or the author’s home page, under social studies,  Allow time for the students to answer each question,

Arizona Social Studies books contain information about the who, why and where of early Spanish exploration.  This lesson can be used as a good follow up or introduction to that information. Students should have access to a map to show where the explorers traveled. After understanding about these explorations further lessons should include the Spanish settlement and cultural influence.



          On completion of the assignment two grades may be given.  Twenty points for each of the first five questions add up to 100 percent. The seventh question, creating a time line, should be graded on neatness, demonstration of understanding, and accuracy.