Internet Lesson Plan #4


Jane Luciano, Amphitheater Middle School

7th Grade Language Arts

Researching Teen Alcohol Abuse





Standard 1: Reading

Students learn and effectively apply a wide range of reading strategies for comprehending, interpreting and evaluating a wide range of texts including fiction, nonfiction, classic and contemporary works.



Standard 5: Technology Research Tools

Students will utilize technology-based research tools to locate and collect information pertinent to the task as well as evaluate and analyze information from a variety of sources.

5T-E1: Locate information from electronic resources

PO3: Evaluate the information located in terms of usefulness for answering the research question.




Students will analyze the structure of informational text on the Internet.

Students will use the organizational features of the text to help them locate specific information.

Students will make note of the writer’s organization of the content (structure) in order to apply similar organizational patterns in their own writing.

Students will apply the reading strategy of skimming the text to find specific information.


Pre-Requisite Technology Skills:


Students need to know:

-basic computer knowledge

-basic understanding and knowledge of keyboard and mouse

-how to navigate a web site




PC with Internet access

Accompanying handout






Hand out worksheets to accompany the Track Star site.

Go over the handout and objectives for the lesson.

All students need to be at their own computers.

Students will access the AMS Homepage.

Click on “Internet Research.”

Click on Peggy Steffens Homepage.

Click on Track Star.

Students will access my Track by typing in Track #67653.

Students will click on “View in Frames.”

Students will follow the directions on the Track.

Students will fill out the accompanying worksheet.




Students will be assessed on their completion of the worksheet, which will demonstrate how well they have met the objectives of the lesson.